Private and Group Cake Baking or Decorating Classes

Learn how to create your own beautiful cakes

Our courses are modern and up-to date, everything to take your Caking passion to the next level and to horn your “CAKEFIDENCE”.

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Private Classes

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A private class is a class tailored to the specific needs of the student and customized based on his/her recommendation. Maximum of 2 students.

₦85,000 for 1 one day private class

₦170,000, for a {2} two day private class…

₦260,000, for a {3} three day private class

6 hours per day,  Usually scheduled from 10.00am- 4.00pm

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Why choose to Learn at Dainty Affairs Bakery Academy?

Each student receives individual attention, guidance, and support throughout the learning process. Otherwise stated for each course, students are expected to bring their own tools and equipment as given in the course list that will be supplied.
Dainty Affairs Bakery will supply all Ingredients.
Students have the benefit of having their own workstation, spacious, clean and quite environment great from learning.
We say it all: Nothing hidden, ask as many questions and have professional advice on start up and running a successful bakery.
Vendor Referral: Get a detailed list of where to source fresh and reliable ingredients, tools and equipment.