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Training Gourmet Cupcakes Class

We are very excited to bring you our very 1st ONLINE Class. The Cupcake Master Class. Combine creative cupcake flavours, fillings and frostings with gorgeous decorating. You will learn the…

Join the award-winning cake designer Lolade Ogunjimi of Dainty Affairs bakery for a five-day comprehensive course that combines technical instruction with discussion and demonstration in a nurturing and empowering environment You will leave with a…

Healthy Granola Bars
850 7.5% VAT Inc.

Buy your Healthy Granola Bars in Lagos right here on our online store. A wholesome breakfast bar made with organic honey, rolled oats, Sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, sesame seeds, coconut…

1,505 7.5% VAT Inc.

Line cupcake or muffin pans to prevent batter from sticking to the sides. 24 liners  

Desserts in a cup
1,500 7.5% VAT Inc.

"Cake away" Rich, decadent desserts in a cup. Get our delightful "Ready to Go" desserts in a cup. It's just perfect for me time or a great addition to your…

1,600 7.5% VAT Inc.

Delightful coconut cookies baked with sweetened coconut flakes and unsweetened desiccated coconut to give the perfect balance. 12 Cookies

Red Velvet cookies
1,800 7.5% VAT Inc.

The best Home made style Red velvet cookies in Lagos. Baked with milk and dark chocolate chunks. 12 Crunchy Cookies

Spiced Stem Ginger Cookies
1,800 7.5% VAT Inc.

Wonderful Rich buttery Cookies made with spicy stem ginger and added rolled oats. Crunchy and delicious. Perfect for holidays. Available in Medium and Large Size. Packed as 12 in a Cookie…

Iced Triple Chocolate Cookies
1,800 7.5% VAT Inc.

Iced Rich Chocolatey Cookies baked with even more chocolate chunks for that added indulgence. Chocolate lovers, this one's for you. Available in Medium and Large Size Packed as 12 in…

2,043 7.5% VAT Inc.

8OZ white spray bottle for any use, whether for cleaning products or homemade products, We use this to spray fine mist on a crumb coat cake to get it ready for the…

2,000 7.5% VAT Inc.

Oatmeal and Raisin cookies. The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies baked with old fashioned oatmeal and plump juicy raisins. 12  Cookies

2,000 7.5% VAT Inc.

The best Home made style Chocolate cookies in Lagos. Baked with milk and dark chocolate chunks and some oatmeal to add  more texture to the crunchy cookies 12 Crunchy Cookies

2,000 7.5% VAT Inc.

Dainty Affairs Bakery Freshly made: Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ganache and Swiss meringue  Butter-Cream. Great for dips, spreads, toppings or drizzle on Pancake, Waffles, cookies , biscuits, Bread, Ice-cream or Yoghurt Available…

Shortbread Cookies
2,000 7.5% VAT Inc.

The best Home made style Shortbread cookies in Lagos. 12 Crunchy Cookies

2,580 7.5% VAT Inc.

Wow your clients with delicate Wafer Paper creations.  10 Count Edible Rectangle Rice and Wafer Paper, 8 by 11-Inch, White. Product comes as white but you can dye it in whatever…

2,580 7.5% VAT Inc.

Squeeze bottles 16OZ content, are ideal for controlled dispensing of Melted chocolate, ketchup, mustard, mayo and dressing on sandwiches and salads. Caps prevent spillage and keep the contents fresh.

2,688 7.5% VAT Inc.

The classic full bloomed rose is always a delight and can never be over used Available in any colour of your choice. Add this detail at checkout in the space…

2,688 7.5% VAT Inc.

Add edible cute butterflies to your cakes & cupcakes. Sold as dozen with 4 mini-size butterflies, 4 mid-size butterflies & 4 large- size butterflies. Available in any colour of your choice.…

2,688 7.5% VAT Inc.

50 Bubble tea Straws. This is the perfect alternative for cake support cakes..This sturdy straw goes through the cake, Cut easily with a scissor.

2,6886,988 7.5% VAT Inc.

Add this cute edible mould Teddy bear to your small cakes.. Available in various sizes