Media Master Class



The media master Class is a Product Photography/Techy-Creative Class

This Photography & Online Marketing is for the Cake artist as well as a Savvy Entrepreneur who wants to know how to take amazing pictures of their Creations and present it all in a professional and engaging way.


A 2-day course teaching Product photography, Cake photography or Food photography and a Video shooting and editing.

You can book either Day 1 only or both days for a much more comprehensive course.


Duration: 1 or 2 days {Depending on your selection}

Course content {Beginner Class}

Day 1.

1. Camera skills, composition, and styling for Cake Photography or Product Photography.

2. Importance of light. You will learn how to work using indoor light, kitchen light, garden spaces

3. Practical Hands-on class with opportunities to create beautiful food photograph your self,

4. How to Stage your cake in an inexpensive but gorgeous way.

5. Cake/ product Photography with your smartphones or Camera * Android and iPhones or DSLR camera required

6. Editing rules on your Smartphone that give an overall clean, crisp and finished looked to your images.


Course content {Advanced Class}

Day 2.

1. Setting up your home studio DIY style. I will show you how the Dainty Affairs Bakery photography Studio is set up for great pictures all the time. Using natural and artificial light

2. Food and prop styling for the camera.

3. Learn video shooting and editing of your videos creatively

4. The Best Apps to use on your Smartphone and on the system

5 * DSLR camera, Smartphone, and Laptop with wifi connection required. 

6. Managing your online work profile.


NOTE: You can book into one or both days.


Location: Dainty Affairs  {Ikeja}.

New Class Date: Tuesday 16th and  Wednesday 17th of April 2019


  • You can book into one or both days.

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Learn to Photograph Your Cakes or Creations LIKE A PRO. & Market your work effectively!

Your AMAZING cakes online can be ignored by most of the world because of how it was photographed. The Cake Photography Class is also very effective for any other creative entrepreneur looking to learn how to capture their work in a unique way.



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