Concrete Art Block Cake

60,000 7.5% VAT Inc.

Swiss meringue Industrial Concrete Render Cake with Metallic Chocolate work, Topped with Sails & spheres made completely with chocolate.

This 7X7X8inches Tall double barell high-end Contemporary Cake design is simply a Hit.

Flavours are White Velvet cake, Caramel velvet cake, Chocolate cake in 5 layers

Completely spontaneous designs with this theme.

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The Unique name of this Cake design comes from it’s architectural look; the razor sharp edges and the striking color with mimics a real life Concrete block, and if that wasn’t enough, the gorgeous Dark chocolate work that beautifully adorn the cake and drips from the side.

Keep refrigerated for up to 2days and once ready to serve, bring out of fridge and allow to sit in room temperature for an 1hour before cutting and sharing.

Portion guide:
7 X 7 inch: 20 large slices, 45 party portions


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