Lolade Ogunjimi fell in love with the splendour of colour at age 15. She baked her first splattered cake out of her mother’s kitchen, and since then, named the family baker. After graduating from secondary school, her mother enrolled her for baking classes and there she spent most of her free time.

While other girls of her age were preparing for their prom. Lolade was mixing flour and matching colours. After a year of baking lessons and practices, she went on to major in English Language at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. There she began baking simple cakes for friends and other voluntary tasters. It wasn’t long before Lolade baked her way into the hearts of many.

Despite a promising cake career after graduation, Lolade accepted a 9-5 at Virgin Atlantic Airways in Nigeria as the Liasion Officer and there after an Upper Class and Corporate Client Customer Care Advisor. It was there she gained a wealth of Interpersonal and Managerial skills.

Her part-time bakery had become more demanding and her love for colours began to reawaken. In 2007, this lead her to take a basic certified beauty course in Nigeria where she rediscovered her love for everything ornamented. Her passion for makeup artistry was birthed and her outstanding talent for baking became unmistakable. Later on, in March 2008, Lolade finally walked away from her 5 year-role at the airline, and into the arms of a dream, long-awaited.