How does it work?

We prepare your kit in our bakery

Step 1

Our Dainty bakers will whip together your {12} 6 fresh Vanilla vanilla & 6 Chocolate cupcakes, the delicious Vanilla Pudding Frosting and everything you need to design your own special Cupcake.

We send your kit straight to you ASAP

Step 2

Your kit will be with you in no time. Once received, get decorating immediately or store the Cupcakes & Vanilla Pudding frosting in the fridge. We recommend using it within 2 to 3 days

You create something spectacular

Step 3

Go on and create something of your own,  have some fun and make sure you post your creations online and tag us on @daintyaffairs on Instagram

Cupcake Decorating Set

Delivery Information

Our cute DIY Cupcake set is a perfect gift for your kids, friends, in-house bridal shower or baby shower.

It’s an amazing bonding tool and will bring excitement to just about anyone.

What we love most about this kit is that it’s very easy to put together and the Decorating nozzels and piping bags are all reusable over and over again, plus the sturdy Transparent bag can be turned into your grocery shopping or book bag.

It’s just simply amazing.
Let’s go guys, put a smile on someone’s face this season.

Happy Cupcaking!

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